Modern Day Qur´anic Guidance

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The author: Ehsanul Karim

This book:

  • is written to reflect on critical issues in the light of Our'an and Hadith and present readers with the essence of Islamic message;
  • expresses the issues in simple English;
  • is not another attempt at translating the Our'an and rewriting the Hadith, but to reflect Islamic teachings in view of present day problems
  • provides direct guidance, therefore allowing readers to find answers to their questions from one source;
  • can be used as a handbook, a ready reference guide for making living by Islam easy;
  • is an attempt to remove the misunderstandings surrounding very pertinent issues to our time; and
  • extracts the crux from Our'an and Ahadith

About the author

Ehsanul Karim is an engineer by profession. His father was a 'senior professor in an Islamic Institution in Bangladesh. He has been with many religious scholars over a period of time. He is deeply involved with the study of the Our'an and Hadith. He remained member of many tafseer groups, conducted religious gatherings, and spoke on different occasions to present Islamic perspective on many contemporary issues. Besides French, German, English and other locallanguages, the author has a good understanding on Ouar'anic language structure and its terminologies.

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