Ghibah - backbiting - the Root Cause of all Evil

The commands and prohibitions of the Shariah
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Islam is a religion of peace, love and compassion. Lies, suspicion, backbiting, slander, vain talk - all these are anathema to Islam. Indeed, such negative activity sows the seeds of enmity among the people and ultimately brings about the downfall of society. Backbiting in particular, according to the Quran, is not just a common social evil, but rather an abhorrent act, a major sin - the equivalent of eating ones brother's flesh.

Numerous ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad also underscore the complete futility, extreme loathsomeness and grave consequences of the deliberate misrepresentation of others. Slander, by the unanimous ruling of religious scholars (ijma), is forbidden, so that anyone who indulges in it is guilty of serious wrongdoing. Yet people have no qualms about engaging in this practice, flouting all prohibitions and strict commands.

Drawing uopn important resource material on the subjects of backbiting, false accusation, (buhtan) and related issues, this book highlights the need to keep our society free of this ignoble malaise. To this end, it elucidates the relevant commands and prohibitions of the Shariah, so as to create in the minds of its readers a deep awareness of the sinfulness and ill effects of calumny.

151 pages


Author: Shakil Ahmad Khan Wasim Ahmad

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