Rabia Basri

The Mystic and her fellow-saints in Islam
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It is a humble and authentic presentation of the life story of Rabi'a Basri, who was one of the greatest Sufi saints in Islam. She gained high position and reputation among her fellow-saints of her time. Her life of poverty, her dedication and her full dependence upon Allah's will, her demureness, desirelesness and proudlessness are good ideals and lessons for humanity. No doubt, she was a renowned saint, but not much has been written about her life. The authoress has taken great pains in collecting authentic information about her life and teachings and presented a comparative study together with her fellow-saints and estimated her with great honour. She was given information of some women saints in India, who gained Allah's favour and have been benefiting humanity from a long time.

Simple language, lucid style and authentic references of this book will satisfy the readers.

210 pages

Hard bound

Margaret Smith

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