Muhammad's People

An Anthology of Muslim Civilization
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This treasury of revelation and religious wisdom - enhanced by elements of statecraft, himor, and poetry - presents a remarkably auithentic and intimate overview of the formative period of Muslim culture. Muhammad's People covers the birth of Islam and the rise, decline, and fall of the caliphate; the development of a sophisticated modern mentality; and the religion's evolution from basic piety to more specialized sects.

Apporximately one-tenth of the Koran, beautifully translated is incorporated in a biography of Muhammad. A vivid portrait of the Prophet emerges from his sayings, accounts of his personal customs, and reminiscences by his contemporaries. Other topics include the life of Harun al-Rashid, a description of dervish life, and an introduction to Sufi ideas.

Written by an archaeologist and historian of Islamic art, this work is enlivened by examples of Arab literary art, poetry, fables, speeches, letters and songs. "Muhammad's People is an eloquent book, and full of beauties," proclaimed the eminent literary critic I. A. Richards, terming it "the liveliest showing of Islam which I have seen; and Muhammad's greatness is credible to me at last, as it never became through the reading of other books about him."

838 pages


Author: Eric Schroeder

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