Muhammad - a story of the last Prophet
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In this rivetinig novel, beloved international bestselling author Deepak Chopra captures the spellbinding life story of the great and often misunderstood Prophet.

Islam was bon in a cradle of tribal turmoil, and the arrival of one God who vanquished hundreds of ancient Arabian gods changed the world forever. God reached down into the life of Muhammad, a settled husband and father, and spoke through him. Muhammd's divine and dangerous task was to convince his people to renounce their ancestral idols and superstitious veneration of multiple gods. From the first encounter, God did not leave Muhammad alone, his life was no longer his own, and with each revelation the creation of a new way of life formed and a religion was born.

"Chopra takes us into the past through the Prophet Muhammad's jopurney and brings wisdom and perspective to an often misunderstood figure. His compassionate and clear depiction is a couregeous undertaking and a valuable effort against the enemy of ignorance. An important and timely book, indeed."



Author: Deepak Chopra

Hard bound

268 pages

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