The Advices of Ali

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Rasulullah, peace be upon him, said: "I am the house of wisdom, and Ali is its door".

Hazrat Mohammad, peace be upon him, during his lifetime, indicated the keenness and the mastery of Islamic study of Hazrat Ali, Allah be generous to him.

This book is compiled by Khanqah Sheikh Zakariyya which contains 120 selected advices of Hazrat ali. Everlasting guidance to the Muslim Ummah.

'Ali bin Abi Tålib was one of the early people who believed in the religion of Islam while still a boy. He lived in the Prophet's house and imitated him in all he did, led a humble life till the last moment of his  life. The Prophet, peace be uopn him loved him very dearly. He took him as his brother in Islam. He praised him on many occasions as being the 'Lion of Allåh. No one of the Companions of the Prophet was as much heroic as 'Ali, Allah be pleased with him, was in every battle he fought for the support of the cause of Islam.

24 pages, paperback

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