The Holy Quran on Environment

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The Almighty Allah created the Mother Earth and appointed man His agent and inheritor on it. Earth does not belong to man; man belongs to Earth. It has been not only man's abode and a fertile source for his sustenance, but it has also been for him a venue for the development of his physical and mental powers. Mother Earth is a living being, pulsating with life. She has heen man's guide and teacher. The Almighty ordered man to s how reverence to the Mother Earth.

All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. Whatever befalls the Mother Earth befalls her sons also. To harm Earth is to heap contempt on its Creator. It is then very much obligatory on man to take utmost care for his living Mother.

Unfortunately, man has inflicted considerable damage to Nature and the environment in the name of progress and prosperity. Man and his relation to Earth is part of the concern of ecology. The Mother Earth's ecosysstem is under increasing stress that cannot be alleviated without regional and global cooperations. the evidence is overwhelming - Bihar, Chernobyl, Alaska, Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, speak of man's callous attitude. In this scenario, man has to develop and use technology without trespassing the ecosystem which the Nature has created on the Mother Earth.

Author: Engineer Akhtar K. Bhatti and Dr. Gul-e-Jannat

Hard bound

143 pages

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