Qur'an and Woman

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This is an analysis of the concept of woman drawn directly from the Qur'an. It is an explicit attempt to return to the original source - the Qur'an, when the tendency  has been to confuse the works of Islamic scholars with the Qur'an.

It demonstrates that in order to maintain its relevance, the Qur'an must be continually reinterpreted; that the importance of the Qur'anic text is its transcendence of time and its expression of eternal values. It is not the text which restricts women, but the interpretation of the text which have come to be held in greater importance than the text.

The significance of this analysis of the Qur'anic concept of woman is measured within the perspective of the text, both as a force in history, piolitics, language, culture, intellect and spirit, and as a divine text that presents guidance to humankind.

This book sheds some new light on the role of woman through reviewing the Qur'an itself with its principles of social justice and human equality and its objective of justice.

Author: Amina Wadud-Muhsin


118 pages

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