Etiquette with the Quran

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The present work was designed and written to explain to men and women how best to benefit from the Book of Allah. The blessing of the Quran is that whoever recites it as it should be recited is changed by it, and brought by imperceptible degrees to see why everything is the way it is...

It is well known to everyone conversant with the Islamic disciplines that the learning of many things does not teach wisdom, and that traditional books do not reveal their secrets or bestow their benefits to those without the key to them.

The key is adab, the "right way of doing things", rendered in the title as "etiquette".

Books, especially sacred ones, give their knowledge to those of adab, and Westerners who know something about the sciences of Islam have been waiting for a book like this in English for a long time.

Author: Imam an-Nawawi

Foreword by Nuh Ha Mim Keller


200 pages

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