The Beauty of the Righteous & Ranks of the Elite

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The author: Translated From the Original Arabic & Edited by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Alkili

This book embodies an extensive collection of rare prophetic traditions, and those of the early companions from the first century of islam. Such exalted traditions are priceless gems history will certainly fail to reproduce. The book depicts the words and deeds of such most blessed and pious human beings, and it reviews some of the most magnificent instances of their lives. I twill testify to their inparalleled devotion, and i twill certainly refresh one`s memories with unique lessons on spirituality, true love for one`s Maker and for His Messenger, upon whom be peace.

 In today`s world, when true piety and morality are regarded as something from the past, and some people may even labet virtuous traditions as unattaibable, however, in this book, the reader will be able to recapture the feelings of the era of the divine revelation, and he will bring such exalted tradtitions back to life. The reader vill be immersed in an awe-inspiring spiritual experience, and which will add to his knowledge, and helps him achieve true spiritual success in this world and in the permanent life to come thereafter.

 First time in English, this book is based on the 10th century work of Imam Abu Na´im al-Asfaháni, and is the most authetic reference on the traditions of the blessed companions of God´s messenger Sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam, God be pleased with them, and its lessons will prove to be most rewarding.

425 pages, paperback

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