Zakat - Raising a fallen Pillar

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"As for Zakat: It is taken from him by force, if he refuses to give it. If he tries to stop it, he will be overpowered and forced to do it. If he has forces, he will be fought against until either he gives it or it is taken from him. The Muslims are required to make war against him with the leader."

Such is the severity with which the renowned scholar and author of Ash-Shifa, Qadi Iyad, speaks about Zakat. With this in mind it is all the more remarkable that so many Muslims take this matter so lightly as to simply relegate Zakat to the realms of voluntary sadaqa, commendable though this might be in its own right.

This book quite rightly and succintly explains the necessity for the proper education and distribution of Zakat and the way forward to true Muslim economic empowerment and thus a new Islamic Money System.

88 pages


Abdalhaqq Bewley with Amal Ahdalhakim-Douglas

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