Hadrat Bilal- The First Muadhdhin of Islam

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Hadrat Bilal- The First Muadhdhin of Islam
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The author: Abbas Mahmood al-Akkad

This book is a brief life-sketch of Hadrat Bilal,the first Muadhdhin of the Prophet of Islam. It is not an exact translation but an adaptation from an Arabic bookentitled 'Bilallbn Ribah, The Muadhdhin of the Prophet' by 'Abbas Mahmood al-'Akkad.

In this book the main aim of the au thor is to present true character of Hadrat Bilal, who rose to unparallelled heights from the depth of slavery due entirely to his devotion to Islam and complete submission to the will of Allah, in addition to his examplary dedication to Prophet Muhammad.

90 pages, paperback

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