The Sacred Names

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The author, Dr. R. M. Ikram Azam, CD, Ph.D, D.Litt is a cofounder of the now 21 year old PFI (in July 2007), which is the Pioneer of Futuristics in Pakistan. He is its current Honorary Chairman. Dr. Azam is the author of over 120 books in English. He has also edited another about 25-30 publications. He is a retired senior career civil servant of the Govt. of Pakistan; and is settled in Islamabad, where he is engaged in free-lance research and writing, and teaching as a Visiting Professor of Futuristics, Education, Creative Writing, Research Methodology and Basic: Life Skills, Education Skills and Language Skills. The PFI is also the pioneer of Futuristic Paradigm of Education, and has conceptualized and initiated Advanced Integrated Studies and Integrated Human Development in Pakistna, as well as Islamic Futurism and Futuristics as a new school of thought in the Futures Field.

The present book, Sacred Names is one of his many books on Islam, most of which cover its socio-cultural and politico-economic as well as ideological issues and aspects. The present volume is different, being visionary and spiritual. it is the author's favourite, as being reverential to the core of his being. He callis it a Perpetual Prayer. Dr. Azam has been projecting Islam as the Perennial Peace Paradigm, at home and abroad, in seminars and conferences, since the 1970's. His Pece-Prayer-Poems highlight this thrust. They are an original pioneering work in English free verse, and were written in 2000. Muhammad's Message: Versifyed Sayings, date back to 1980. They are also a maiden attempt in English Poetry.

315 pages, paperback

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