Sultan of the Saints

Mystical Life and Teachings of Hazrat Shaikh Syed Abdu Qadir Jilani
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The Sufis are they whose souls have become free from the defilement of humanity and pure from the taint of the self and have obtained release from lust, so that they are at rest with God in the first rank and in the highest degree, and having fled from all besides Him, they are neither masters nor slave. (Abu al-Hassan Nuri).

Sufi is like the earth which is trodden by the pious and the wicked. Like the clouds which cast a shadow over everything and like the rain which waters everything. Also he is like the earth on which every foul thing is thrown and from which fair things come forth. (Junayd Baghdadi).

Tasawwuf is glory in wretchedness and riches in poverty and lordship in servitude and satiety in hunger and clothedness in nakedness and freedom in slavery and life in death and sweetness in bitterness. The suif is he who is pleased with all that God does, in order that God may be pleased with all that he does. (Abu Said Abi-l-Khair).

How great is the difference between knowing the definition, causes and conditions of drunkenness, and actually being drunk! The drunken man knows nothing about the definition and theory of drunkenness, but he is drunk, while the sober man, knowing the definition and principles of drunkenness, is not drunk at all. (Ghazali).

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, himself is the Chief celestial winebearer, the origin, the fountainhead of sufism, Ali the ocean of Islamic esotericism, and Ghaus al-Adham, the tavern keeper after him, feeding the lovers with the wine of Divine Union, and the tavern being the sanctuary of the Lord Himself.

First exhort yourself than to others. Being patient before Divine Decree, sleep peacefully under the spout of desitny. When you are accustomed to it, Divine bounty and mmunificence shall be restored to you in a way  you could never yearn or expect of it. He who got cognizance of Allah Most High, the World, the Hereafter and the alterities (aghyar) disapppear from his heart (Ghaus al-Adham).

Always fear God and don't be afraid of anyone else. Commit all of your needs to Allah and beg everything of Him and trust in Him. When the man is afflicted, he tries to come out of it by his own efforts. Whe he fails, he seeks help of the creature. When he is disappointed from all sides, then he recourses to Allah. At that time he is certain that only The Almighty is the Master of every good and evil, profit and loss, life and death. Heart is the Locus of Allah the Most High. Don't let others enter into it. (Ghaus al-Adham).


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Muhammad Riaz Qadiri

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