Abdullah - Father of the Prophet

The lifestory of Abdullah, the father of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
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Abdullah the father of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the descendant of three Prophets. He was a unique man among his contemporaries. He was content, when men of his age were generally profligate. He practised a high degree of moral purity. Fornication, drinking, and dice were the common and socially accepted pastimes in his milieu. Yet there is strong evidence that he kept aloof from them.

He was loved by his father and brothers, adored by sisters and admired by the whole city whose populace called him 'The Lamp'. He was coveted by beautiful women and sought after by powerful chiefs as a match for their daughters. These were the kinds of opportunities which his peers would instantly grasp.


Paperback, 47 pages

Author: Riaz Hussain

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