Heart of the Koran

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The author: Lex Hixon

In the tradition of meditation on the Holy Koran, Lex Hixon`s contemplative
illumination of selected passages from the Holy Book of Islam ic devotional
and uplifting.

Meditations and Illuminations from the Scripture of Islam

"The heart of Islam is the Holy Koran, and the heart of the Koran is the radiant affirmation that there is no reality but God. Lex Hixon has taken the
precious words of Holy Koran and turned them over in his heart so they might speak to those of us who otherwise might not listen, might not hear, the radiant wisdom glowing so brightly and so freely within. And in the heart of the Koran, graciously transmitted to us by Lex, is the heart of the Kosmos itself, calling to each of us to remember the praises of every breath and every gesture and every movement we make. These are not rigidly literal translations, although they are faithful in every way, but rather mystical meditations from within the Koran itself, beautifully wrought and piercingly trie."

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