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Two volumes - Studies in Hadith and Doctrine
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It pleased our  bountiful Creator to make knowledge of Hadith and its ancillary sciences the esclusive characteristic of Muslim civilization. Alone among the nations that walked on the face of the earth, this Umma received and kept its Divine trust together with the Last Testament - the Quran - to pass it on to subsequent generations unchanged with an ever-refined array of disciplines for verification and authentication.

Among those disciplines, Hadith methodology and criticism ensured that nothing alien crept into the pure Prophetic Sunna and conveyed by upright and precise transmitters under the strict persual of their peers and subsequent experts. When Ibn al-Mubarak was asked about the forged hadiths, he replied, "The giant scholars dispose of them!" Then he recited "Lo, We, even We, have revealed the Reminder, and lo! We verily are its guardian" (Quran 15:9). Thus he reiterated in the pithiest way that the Prophetic Sunna and authentic Hadith are part and parcel of the Final Revelation - which no Muslim denies! - and that the Lawgiver preserves His Dhikr through the surest human means imaginable.

Paperback, two volumes

390 pages

Gibril Fouad Haddad

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