The Ideal Muslim

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The ideal Muslim is a man of the highest moral character. In his relationship wiht his Rabb, himself, family, parents, relatives and  friends and the community at large, he has a most excellent example in the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him. His idealism is further strengthened by the characters of the first generation of Muslims who excelled in all the various fields of human endeavour. He is reassured by the teachings of Islam that he also can reach these noble heights by working to improve his character daily.

This comprehensive work by Dr. Al-Hashimi is a valuable contribution to our English readers. He wrote another book on the Ideal Muslimah (female Muslim), and our readers are invited to read both books, because these two books complement each other. May Allah the Almighty help us all in making these pure teachings a part of our life.

381 pages

Hard bound

Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi

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