Refinement of the hearts

Refinement of the hearts; Tasfiyah al-Qulub: Imam Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi. Translation and commentary by Hamza Yusuf.
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In this 15 CD set, Hamza Yusuf deliveres a series of lectures on this lesser known work, Refinement of the hearts. The author of the text, the 8th century Spanish master of the islamic sciences and martyr, Imam Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi, presents an unassailable Sufism thoroughly grounded in the Book of God. This small but powerful treatise is one of the finest pieces of islamic spiritual literature in Muslim history. Hamza Yusuf's illuminating and engaging reflections bring it to life for any modern muslim in search of the keys to refining his or her heart in a world that seduces the hearts of humanity. Doomsday's singular preparation is to use the opportunity of the world to refine our hearts, for it is a "Day when nothing avails a person, neither wealth nor progeny, only one who brings to God a sound heart." This wonderful treatise helps us with practical and effective means to do just that. 

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