The History of the Magnificent Qur'an

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The History of the Magnificent Qur'an', expounds upon the history of the Noble Qur'an, following the journey of the Qur'an, from it's revelation, all the way through to its compilation and preservation to this date.

'The Historyof the Magnificent Qur'an' provides information on the Qur'an through a unique diversity of means, ranging from historical notes, timelines, diagrams and maps. However, one of the greatest accomplishments of this publication is to display hundreds of stunning and exclusive photos of Quranic manuscripts from around the World. These rare manuscripts, dating back to the 8th Century have been collected from both the prominent cities and remote communities of the Islamic world.  These rare manuscripts have been showcased individually across the world, and for the first time their images will be compiled together in this historic publication. This forthcoming publication will display manuscripts from Exhibition Islam Collection (UK), Topkapi Palace (Turkey) and the British Library (UK).

Page size app. 35 x 30 cm (big format)

585 pages

Hundreds of full colour pages with replica of original Quranic designs

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