Islamic Principles on Family Planning

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When a reader picks up a book on debatable issues like Family Planning, he has every right to demand of it's Author a clear statement on his approach to the subject. After all, few modern Fiqhi subjects of cultural and religious inquiry are more contentious and leave less scope for all disinterested analysis and detached observations. The development of research into issues of Family Planning and its Islamic legal regulations are characterized, neither by the accumulation of historical facts nor knowledge of issues cincerning Family Planning and related issues like birth control, abortion, foetal development, unwanted pregnancies, artificial insemination, genetic counselling, ectogenesis, cloning and hybrid etc. The Abortion Laws of many countries are deeply imbedded in its medical and pedagogical categories of their legal regulations. The researcher has to approach such issues very carefully as modern researchers are advancing every day and bring in their wake new challenges which require appropriate answers and solutions.

In view of the fact that there has been very few detailed and comprehensive research done on the topic of family planning, Muslims are in a dilemma when confronted with such technological innovations. It is precisely for this reason that this study has been undertaken to try and evaluate the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the above mentioned issues in the light  of Islamis Jurisprudence.

Mufti Allie Hoaroun Sheik has successfully finished his inquiries into the thorny issue of Family Planning and related aspects. He has discussed the subject with Ikhlas al-Niyyah.

175 pages


Mufti Allie Haroun Sheik

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