Mirqatul Wusul

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Mirqatul Wusul is an important work of its kind. Apart from being a primary source of political and social history of Gujarat and Rajasthan, it also furnishes useful material on geography and topography rarely found in contemporary sources. The glimpses of the cordial relations between the different communities found in Mirqatul Wusul lead one to realise the relevance of the Sufis to preach universal brotherhood and love. 

Mirqatul Wusul also provides interesting and sometimes unique information on the literary activities in Gujarat. The Shaikh, himself enjouying a literary taste of high order, has referred to a number of men of letters of his time and their literary and scholarly achievements both in prose and poetry. Some of these informations are hardly found in any other source of that time. This collection of Malfuzat also bear evidence to Shaikh Ahmad's intim ate knowledge of the Quran, its exegesis and Hadith.

Author: Hadrat Shaikh Ahmad Maghribi Qudus Sirrahu

Hard bound

238 pages Persian

122 pages English

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