Ihya Ulum id-Din

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This book is the English version of Imam Ghazzali's Ihya ulum-id-din. It deals with worship and divine services.

Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali is unquestionably the greatest theologian of Islam and one of its noblest and most original thinkers. He was born in 1058 A.D. at Tus, where he died in 1111. He reproduced in his religious experience all the spiritual phased developed by Islam.

Starting his religious life as orthodox Al-Ghazzali soon turned Sufi, and when still under twenty he had broken with all the past. In 1091 he was appointed lecturer at the Nizamiyah in Baghdad, where he became a sceptic. Four years later he returned to Sufism after a terrific spiritual struggle that left him a physical wreck. Intellectualism had failed him. As a dervish he roamed from place to place enjoying peace of soul and acquiescence of mind. After about twelve years of retreatment in various places, in cluding two years of retreat in Syria and a holy pilgrimage, he returned to Baghdad to preach and teach. There he composed his masterpiece Ihya Ulum id-Din (the Revivification of the Sciences of Religion).

The mysticism of this work vitalized the law and its orthodoxy and leavened the doctrine of Islam. In it and such other work of his Faithful al-Ulum, Tahafut al falasifah, Iqtisad fi al-itiqad, orthodox speculation reached its culminating point.

Author: Imam Ghazali

Hard bound

4 volumes, more than 1400 pages

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