Hafiz - The Mystic Poet

Discover how Hafiz's Spiritual Life and Vision Can Enlighten Your Own
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Hafiz is know throughout the World as Persia's greatest poet, with sales of his poems in Iran today only surpassed by those of the Qur'an itself. His probing and joyful verse speaks to people from all backgrounds who long to taste and feel divine love and experience harmony with all living things.

The beautiful sampling of Hafiz's works captures his deep spiritual understanding, offering a glimplse into the vision that has inspired people around the world for centuries. Considered by his contemporaries as an oracle and often referrred to as "Tongue of the Hidden", and "Interpreter of Secrets", Hafiz followed Sufism's inner path on a quest to discover the hidden meaning of the universe, and shares his experiences and desire for union with the Divine in symboloc language that borders on magical.

Infused with the spirit of love and joy, this unique collection offers insight into Hafiz's spiritual philosophy and carefree  mysticism that addresses the earthly beauty, pain, ecstasy and longing that define human nature, and the divine adoration that promises to set the spirit free.

Author: Hafiz

130 pages

Hard bound

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