My life with the Taliban

The fascinating story of a man, who was with the Taliban.
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A fascinating acount of his own remarkable life which gives real insight into why the Taliban was formed, what motivates it, and what it is now trying to achieve. It is what he has to say about hopes of ending the current war, however that will be of most interest to the spooks and diplomats in Kabul, Washington and London"

Sunday Telegraph


The entire World wnats to understand the Taliban these days, it seems, as the war in Afghanistan becomes the topic of the moment. Precious few people can tell the inside story of the shadowy movement, however, which makes Mulla Zaeef's autobiography an incredibly important book. If your government sends soldiers to Afghanistan, you must read this. By revealing the inner workings of the Taliban from the early days of the movement, Zaeef challenges the accepted wisdom about the insurgency now facing international troops. By the time you're finished reading, you might not sympathise witht the Taliban - but you will know them as people, not monsters.

Graeme Smith, reporter for the Globe and Mail who made the Emmy-award winning documentary, Talking to the Taliban

Author: Abdul Salal Zaeef

Hard bound

325 pages

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