A young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World

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"What is needed, therefore, is first of all the reassertion of the eternal truths of Islam as revealed in the Noble Quran, explained and elucidated in the Hadith and Sunnah of the Blessed Prophet and commented upon by centureis of Muslim scholars and thinkers. This reassertion must present the heart of the Islamic message beyond all sectarian biases and divisions, and emphasise that unity which is the very heart of the Islamic message. But such a presentaion requires a contemporary language which can be understood by Muslim youth, the great majority of whom have not experienced the traditional madrasah education and are therefore not familiar with the intellectual language of the classical Islamic texts, even though they may know Arabic or other Islamic languages as well.

Moreover, the guide for the Muslim to the modern world must be based on a through and in-depth knowledge of both Western religious and intellectual tradition and the modern West. It is not enough to make certain generalisations about Westerneres being materialistic or dynamic, hedonistic or hard working. The West must be understood in its core so that the development of modernism and the historical roots of ideologies and forces which are at play can be understood."

Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Hard bound

270 pages

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