Daugthers of the Holy Prophet

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Daugthers of the Holy Prophet
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The author: S.M. Madni Abbasi

In the present book we are giving an account of the lines of the daughters of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W;). The idea behind this attempt is to help the reader to acquaint himself with some knowledge about these Holy Personalities aI).d help him to appreciate thereby the principles and mission of Islam through and embodied in their person the ideal womanhood. In faet the lines of the Holy Prophet JS.A.W.), his august family and distinguished companies are focal point of the love and affeetion of the Muslims and are the modeis to be copied and followed.

Islamic history is rich with anecodotes of Muslim heros and heroines. But of all these noble charaeters, the family of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) is the most  prominent.

60 pages, paperback

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