An Easy way to Understanding the Quran

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An Easy way to Understanding the Quran
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Understanding of the Quran presents a challenge to the non - Arabic knowing believers.

In view of the limitations of the translations the only alternative appear, in the first instance, to learn Arabic. This is, however, not praticabl. The way out has been presented under dr. Ahmed ´s well thought out project, the salient features of which are:

The basic concept of education has been applied to the study of the Qur´an and frequently used words of the Qur´an have been presented.

The terms and representative words of the Qur´an have been identified and their meanings have been elucidated through explanatory notes.

467 selected favorites of the Qur´an have been presented with English rendering.

This is the step towards the understanding of the Qur´an and makes a real beginning to such an approach.

This is yet one more - and most effective - effort in building bridges between the non - Arabic reader and the text of the Qur´an.

A renowned scholar and an experienced administrator, Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed (born 1923) is the author of several books. He has rich experience of the administration of Muslim Awqaf and is deeply in their development schemes. Dr Ahmed completed the first systematic word count covering the entire urdu language in 1973 and determined the frequency of Urdu words.

Two volumes, 270 pages, paperback

Author: Dr. Hasanuddin Ahmed

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