The Prophet Yusuf (As.)

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The Prophet Yusuf (As.)
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The author: Harun Yahya

The subject of this book is the "Story of Yusuf" which narrates some of  the events from the life of the Prophet Yusuf. In one verse Allah informs Muslims that there exist lessons to be drawn from the "Story of Yusuf". "In Yusuf and his brothers there are Signs for every one of those who wants to ask". (Surah Yusuf: 7)

 In the verse, it is stressed that "there are Signs (lessons) for every one of those who wants to ask." So, it is important for all Muslims to pay attention to these verses and learn from them. Consequently, in compliance with the verse, it is necessary to inquire and examine into the events regarding the Prophet Yusuf (as) and his brothers.

  When we subject the life of the Prophet Yusuf (as) to secruting, we see that Muslims of almost all ages experience similar suffering, become the subjects of slander by people who are distant to religion and face many situations with which they have to  be patient and in which they have to put their trust in Allah. When he was still very young, the Prophet Yusuf (as) was thrown into a well
and left to die by his brothers, was sold as a slave, and was subjected to many wrongful accusations. Moreover, he spent many years in prison and was tested with numerous difficulties. After all the plots hatched against him, and the many years spent forgotten in prison for no reason, Allah placed him in authority over the treasures of the land, and granted him powerand possessions. The laws of Allah rule here too, as in all other fields of life. In many verses, Allah promises Muslims that He will comfort them after the difficulties they go through. Having a good grasp of the Story of Yusuf will provide the sort of experience from which believers can benefit all through their lives.

125 pages, paperback

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