Death, resurrection, hell

What happens after death? Is there a resurrection? Do paradise and hell really exist?
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Death may catch up with you anytime. Who knows, maybe this is the moment. Or, itay be much closer than you have ever expected...

These lines can be the last opportunity, the last reminder, the last warning before death comes upon you. As your proceed with these lines, you can never know that you will still be alive in the next hour. Even if it proves to be so, nothing can guarantee you another hour. Let alone an hour, not even after a moment, it is certain that you will be still living. There is no guarantee that you will finish this book. Death will, most likely, come upon you at a time when, only a moment before, you never thought about dying.

You will absolutely die, so do all your beloved ones. Before you or after you, they will certainly die. A hundred years by now, there will not be a single soul you are familiar with in this world.

148 pages, paperback

Author: Harun Yahya


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