The Miracle in the Ant

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The Miracle in the Ant
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Through the deep study of religion and a deep look into the natural sciences, Harun Yahya keeps pointing to the creation of man being truth rather than the evolvment by "natural selection" through millions of years. In this book he takes the intricate life inside the ant-hill as an example of the involvement of God in the great plan of the lives of these insects.

In this book we are going to tell you about a creature that you know quite well, that you meet everywhere without actually giving it much attention, that is highly skillful, highly social and highly intelligent - The Ant. Our aim is to review the lives full of miracles of thes minute creatures that are never of any significande in our daily lives.

Technology, collective work, military strategy, advanced communications network, an astute and rational hierarchy, discipline, perfect city planning ... These are fields where human beings may not always be successful enough, but where the ants always are. When you look at these creatures, which are fully armed to defeat tough rivals and to endure the difficult conditions of nature, you may think that all of them are identical. However, each species of the ant genus - and there are thousands of them - has, in fact, different characteristics. We believe that these creatures that have the highest population in the world may open up new horizons for us within the framework of the characteristics referred to above. This book will reveal to us the special and marvelous world of ants.

As we explore the sepcial world of ants, this perfect system will earn our admiration and increase the need for thinking and ivestigating. At the same time, we shall see the mistakes, which is a tremendously important work. In the Qur'an, the type of person who thinks about nature and thus recognizes the omnipotence of Allah is praised as a model for those who believe.

160 pages, paperback

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