The Miracle in creation of DNA

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The Miracle in creation of DNA
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Today is the day of a major milestone in history. The materialist philosophy, once imposed on the mass of humanity under the guise of science, is ironically being defeated today by science itself.

Some important development in June 2000 accelerated this great downfall of materialism. One of them was the Human Genome Project, an attempt to draft a rough map of the human genome. Through this project, the details of the "genetic information" which highlighted how superior God's creation of living beings is, have been revealed to mankind. Today, everyone who considers the results of this project and findcs out that a single human cell contains enough information to be stored in thousands of encyclopædia pages, grasps what a great miracle of creation this is.

Nevertheless, evolutionists try to misinterpret this recent development, which, in thruth, works against them and present it as evidence for "evolution". In this book, the above-mentioned evolutionist misconceptions are explained and the irrational and shallow nature of the objections raised to creation is clarified. In addition, the severity of the blow to Darwinism struck by the recent findings is explicitly revealed. When you read this book, you too will see that materialist philosophy which rejects God is about to meet its end and that in the the 21st century, humanity will return to accepting the real purpose of ther creation by being relieved of deceits such as evolution.

Author: Harun Yahya

71 pages, paperback

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