irshaadul mulook

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irshaadul mulook
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A translation of imdaadus sulook - A detailed treatise on tasawwuf originally in the Farsi language by Hadhrat Shaykh Maulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi

Irshaadul Mulook is a treatise on Tasawwuf. Tasawwuf is that branch of Islamic Knowledge which deals with self-purification and the attainment of Divine Proximity (Qurb-e-Ilahi).

Although Irshaadul Mulook deals adequately with the initial phase of Tasawwuf, viz., self-purification which envisages the elimination of the evil attributes (Akhlaq-e-Razeelah) and the cultivation of the lofty angelic qualities (Akhlaq-e-Hameedah), its emphasis is on the second and higher stage of Tasawwuf, viz., Ser Fillah or the Journey around the Zat (Being) of Allah Ta’ala. This highest stage of Tasawwuf is the elevation or progress in the stages of Divine Proximity (Qurb-e-Ilahi). The Slave of Allah soars in this stage from one lofty rank of Qurb to another, in an everlasting flight of progress. The elevation in the ranks of Qurb is never-ending. Allah Azza Wa Jal is The Eternal Being.

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