Reasons of Revelation

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Reasons of Revelation
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Azbaab e-Nuzool provice information about the reasons of revelation of various Ayaat or Surahs of the Glorious Quran. It hence is the knowledge about the historical background and underlying circumstances of many passages of the Divine Message.

Great Muslim scholars like Bukhari, Wahidi, Suyuti and Hafiz Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani rahmatullahi alaihim have tried and developed a methodology for categorizing the Asbaab-e-Nuzool.

Imam Wahidi said: The Tafsir of an Ayat is not possible unless one knows the story behind it, as well as the description of its revelation. This book, which belongs to the classical litterature of Islam - is an outstanding compilation of traditions narrating the circumstances under which revelation was sent down.

We are grateful to Allah who has enabled us to present our readers with a faithful English translation of this important work so as to spread the unfathomable knowledge contained therein far beyond the realms of the Arabic speaking world.

May Allah accept our efforts and grant abundant reward to all of us - all those who are involved in the production of a book until its appearance in the market and its distribution - as well as our readers. Ameen.

500 pages, Hard bound

Author: Abul al-Hassan ali Ibn Hamad al-Wahidi An-Naisaburi

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