The Desire for Akhirah

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The Desire for Akhirah
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The basic concept of writing this book is to develop the awareness amongst the two categories of persons, firstly the ones who desire strongly and are inclined towards the mortal world, where sin dominates; which not only invites sorrow, grief, discomfort and fear but also lead its followers to Jahannam (Hell). Secondly to the ones who are inclined towards the immortal world, the life in the hereafter, who fear Allah by remembering death. The striving which not only makes society better, but also leads its followers directly to Jennah (Paradise).


The author Maulana Ashraf 'Ali Thanvi tells the reader about Akhirah, the final day of judgement, the honour for a muslim from death to burial, the meeting of the Ruh (spirit), Malaikah (angels) accompanying the Janazah (the dead body) and the comfort in Mahshar (interim period).

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