Darwinism refuted

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Darwinism refuted
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Time over and again Harun Yahya throws facts and theories on the table, showing how the likelihood of life having evolved from a one-celled organism in a prehistoric lake, is being refuted by the very science it claims to uphold.

"If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, mu theory would absolutely break down."

So wrote Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species, where he made his theory of evolution public. The theory applied materialist philosophy to nature and challenged the consensus that life on Earth is the artifact of the Creator. During the following 150 years, many in the scientific community assumed that Darwin had almost accomplished this task. Today, science demonstrates that they were mistaken. Findings in the last two decdades alone have shattered the basis of the theory. Key branches of science, such as paleontology, biochemistry, population genetics, comparative anatomy, and biophysics, indicate one after another that natural laws and chance effects proposed by the theory cannot explain the origin of life. Life turns out to be infinitely more complex than Darwin imagnined in his time demonstrating that his theory has absolutely broken down.

370 pages, paperback

Author: Harun Yahya

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